Dear Jesus, we are able to be what we are only because of “YOU.”  If we have been a blessing to the world we live in today, it is only because of “YOU.”  In spite of personal difficulties that would keep us from the will of God.  In spite of the personal abilities one has to do certain things.  There has to be something higher.

Jesus, you naturally would have never been the Messiah, based on your beginning on earth as a baby, and growing up in a rather simple home.  But you became what you are, because that is what you are, not what you made yourself to be.  Your own human “will” did not make you the Messiah, but the will of GOD that was manifested in you, for the purpose of redemption, that made you the Redeemer.  Therefore, without you, we are nothing, and only by you are we what we are!

“We must remember, that no matter what we do, or how successful we are, in life, without Christ we’ve totally lost everything.” – William Branham in the sermon “THE TOKEN”.