AMERICA – JULY 4, 2018


What does it mean to me to be an American?   I may not be proud of some of its politics, and the negative influence She has had on the world today.  Yes, I see the sins of this nation bringing it lower and lower.  But I personal believe it is still the greatest nation to live in and to be a part of.

I have heard many say, they would rather live somewhere else, they are sick of this place – and I say they don’t know what they are talking about!

I have been overseas, and seen other nations that claim to have freedom.  If you would ever go to Africa one time you will return with a renewed sense of appreciation for this nation that God helped to establish.  Even though we as a nation have not lived worthy of our beginning, America is still by far the greatest land of the free, at least to me.  Yes, She will be judged for her sins just as we all, but now, I am thankful that by God’s grace, He allowed me to be called an American and to be identified with her.

However, more importantly, as an American, it has given me the freedom to believe in the God that has been revealed to me personally, and to freely live out my faith and to preach it!

William M. Branham in 1964 made the following statement in a sermon title; “The Might God Unvailed Before Us” in Philadelphia Pennsylvania: “Just like if I want to be a true American, I’ve got to be identified with everything She was, everything She is. I’ve got to be identified with it, if I am a true American.

 If I am a true American, then I landed on Plymouth Rock. Amen. I did, if I’m an American. So did you; you landed on Plymouth Rock with the Pilgrim Fathers. On Plymouth Rock, when they landed out there, I was with them; so was you, everybody.

I rode with Paul Revere, right down the road, to warn every danger. That’s exactly right. Right down here at Valley Forge, I crossed the icy Delaware, with a bunch of soldiers who, half of them didn’t have shoes on. I prayed all night with George Washington, beforehand. I crossed the Delaware with a vision in my heart. We are American. Yes, sir. At Valley Forge, I certainly did. I returned thanks with the original Thanksgiving fathers. I returned thanks to God. If I’m a real American, I was identified there at that table.

If I’m a real American, I was identified when I stood with Stonewall Jackson. If I’m a real American, I was identified at the Boston Tea Party, yes, sir, when we refused to have things pulled over our eyes. Well, I’m as real America. I was identified there with that. Yes, sir. Oh, my!

I rang the Liberty Bell, the first 4th of July, in 1776. I rang the Liberty Bell here and declared that we are independent. To be a real American, I had to. I was identified with her shame in the Revolutionary, when brother fought against. I’ve got to bear her shame, the same as I have to bear her glory. If I’m an American, I have to be. I was identified with her. Yes, sir. I was identified at Gettysburg down there, when Lincoln made his speech. Yes, sir. I was on Wake Island, over them bloody soldiers’ body. I rose on Wake Island.

On Guam, I helped hoist that flag.

I’m a real American. Amen. All She is, I am, and proud of it. Yes, indeed. All America has been, all She is, I’m still that, to be American. Everything She was, I have to be, because I’m identified with her. Same thing, by being a true Christian, you have to be identified with it.”

Pastor Bill Ivy – Fourth of July 2018