Little is much, when God is in it.  I believe the Bible teaches that principle.  In Matthew 13:31-32, Jesus is teaching the Mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven.  One of the mysteries was the grain of mustard seed.  It was sowed in the field of mankind, though it is the very least of the seeds, it grew!  It will grow into the greatest of trees even with its humble beginning.

This little seed produced a great tree that the birds of the air could come and lodge in finding comfort and rest.

Christ came to the earth with a very humble earthly background, born in a stable, raised by the poor of the earth.  As he grew to his purpose He was rejected as the King of the Kingdom He came to pronounce.  But could it be stopped?  After 2000 years, we continue to see the fruits of His humble beginning.

The message of God that we believe has come to us in the endtime (Mal 4:5-6, Luke 17:30) with a very humble beginning.  It has grown into a great tree, where many find comfort and rest.  It has grown without a denomination to support it or the leadership of great men to run it.  This “Message” now covers the earth.

We as a Local church; Living Word Tabernacle, from humble beginnings, have grown into something that has been a blessing to others in other parts of the world.  We have been able to have revivals, and special service that have been a blessing to many.  This has providing shade, comfort and rest from the tree that a small seed has produced.

Each of you as individuals, though you started as the least of the earth by natural standards.  However, today, if you cannot see it, others do.  They see the tree you have become that is a comfort and strength to those you love, and even some you do not know is even watching you.

Little is much when God is in it.  I believe with all my heart God is in it.  I see Him in you!