On the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Ghost came, suddenly, the ministry of Jesus Christ increased to 120 believers.  These men and women would live the message they had just received.  The message was a resurrected Christ!  Many that carried this message died for it.  This could only be done because something more than their minds had been converted, their hearts had been transformed.  The “Message” burned inside them!  They could no more deny it than they could deny who they were.  They never wavered from the truth that was born in their hearts!  Although there have always been those that have wavered, walked away, changed their way of thinking, because that is all that was ever changed, their minds and not the heart!

I think too often what we call the “Message” becomes words we receive with the mind and not with the fire of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.  Some see it, partake of it, rejoice in it (Heb 6), but never have it in their heart. Professed Christians that are not fully what Jesus Christ’s Bride is suppose to be. Why?  The heart has never been transforms, just the mind.   During the great enlightenment period George Whitefield said; “Would to God we had as much warmeth in our hearts, as light in our understanding .”  That age had been enlightened, by light coming to the mind, not just in religion, but in science and politics.  But the hearts were not being changed, just how one thought about the world and life.

A church with truth can become all head (intellect) and no heart.  What the church needs does not come through logical argument, but through an emotional appeal to the heart.  When I say an emotional appeal I mean where the heart is moved to a transformation, by light (truth) that comes. We hear, and receive truth into our mind, when what we need is fire in our hearts that makes the “Message” live through us.  The world must see a resurrection of Christ in our life.  That makes the Message and the messenger one, by the authority of the living God in the living church, the Bride!  For the “Message” and the messenger are the same.

Pastor Bill Ivy – Living Word Tabernacle – Gibson MO  –  www.livingwordtabernacle.com