THE FRUIT OF HUMILITY (Not being Judgmental)

Being a judgmental person does not help anyone, not even you.  However, the fruit of humility, will have a positive end for those that possess it, in your own life, or in whatever setting it is found, home or church.

To be judgmental is to form opinions about people or situations, quickly, without knowing enough about the person or situation to properly judge.  It can be an extreme lack of tolerance, which creates a non-sympathetic view toward those that differ with you or with your way of thinking.  Yes, some things are wrong, and we do not agree with them.  But can we understand something or someone that is wrong, without being judgmental?  I think we can and should, in all humility.

As believers we do not live in the abstract, but we deal with facts.  The fact that the Word of God is true and completely excepted by faith.  However, facts are distorted by personal feelings, prejudices or interpretations, until you cannot see no other point of view.

That can develop into a lack of compassion, pity and concern for the sufferings and misfortunes of others.  We do not want to understand why they are the way they are, just condemn it because we believe it is wrong.  But this is a lack of mercy!  Something Jesus Christ observed in the highly religious Pharisees.  They had their facts in place, but were rebuked for lacking mercy.  People and churches can be the same way!  Jesus Christ came and yes He corrected the error, yet he was rich in mercy!  He could understand why the woman caught in the act of adultery was an adulterous.  He knew why the woman at the well was in such a immoral condition.  Rather than criticize, he showed mercy!

Churches have spirits, they reflect the leadership they have.  It could be a spirit of legalism, formalism, emotionalism, worldliness, holiness, mercifulness or being judgmental.  You can take it back to the leadership every time!

We do not want to be quick to judge someone who is different from us.  That is to be judgmental!  I realize to a portion of the world, just to be a Christian, or to believe the Bible is being judgmental.  But for the Christian, instead of being judgmental we should try and understand why others do or believe the way they do, without agreeing with it.  In all humility, we should believe the God that changed us, can change anyone to be in His very image – that is showing mercy, without compromise, and produces fruit that can only be found at the cross of Christ!

People that are merciful are people that have received mercy.  Judgmental people, feel perfect or just better than others, so they look down their nose at the imperfections of others.  They are intolerant, lacking compassion and humility!  What do you, your home, your business or church reflect?  There must be some kind of fruit that follows what we are in Christ.  Christ is the true leader of our souls and the church, follow Him!