To spiritualize something is to give it a spiritual meaning.  An example would be a dream; If I dreamed the moon turned to blood, I could give it a spiritual meaning rather than a literal one.  The opposite could be true; a literal fulfillment in what science calls a “Blood Moon.”

What do you spiritualize or what do you take literally?  There are Christian churches that look at the Communion as spiritual and not something literal.  While there are still others that see it as a literal command we must follow.  In the old testament we find many things that were natural happenings, that we believe pertains to the church, but do we take it as a literal command?  For example, Noah build an ark for the saving of his house.  Do we take that example and build a ship to save our families?  No, we see it spiritualized in our relationship with Christ, as redeemed people, to make preparation for ourselves and strive to encourage others to come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ in order to escape the judgments that are to come.

Brother William Branham related to many dreams and visions that was giving him by the LORD.  Some of these were literal, many and most had spiritual applications. Many times he did not understand whether they were literal or spiritual, until it came to pass or God gave him the interpretation.  For example when he had a dream about going on a date with a seventeen year old girl; “And I woke up, and I almost screamed, a nightmare. I thought, ‘Oh, wonder if that means that I’m going to backslide or something happen to me?’ Well, I thought, ‘If I go to trying to use my own mind, then I’ll get it all mixed up; so I’ll just wait on God.’ And I started praying. I said, ‘Lord, does that dream pertain to that vision just in the early part of the night, or what does it mean?'”  He then goes on the give the spiritual explanation after the fulfillment of it (Strait is the Gate, Jeffersonville).  She represented a church, where he preached a revival a few days later.

It is easy for us to form major doctrines on things that are not clear, by not understanding whether there is a  literal or spiritual interpretation.  The things that we should take literally have a obvious interpretation, but the spiritual is not always so easy to understand, it will simply remain in the mind of God until the time for it to be revealed.  This would be the spiritual interpretation of things not yet understood.

There are many things we must wait on God’s time and His understanding, in order to fully appreciate those things that are not completely clear to us now.

The following clip: WHAT DO WE SPIRITUALIZE?

Pastor Bill Ivy – Living Word Tabernacle, Campbell Missouri (Gibson Community) billivy@livingwordtabernacle.com