Money and the preacher!  Two things that do not go together very well are money and preachers, in the hearts and minds of men.  I heard the story of an old preacher, how he took a new church, and overheard the deacon praying privately, “Lord, we have a good one this time, if you keep him humble, we will keep him poor.”  I doubt that the LORD wants his preachers poor, although many are, but riches can be a snare to any man.  God blesses those that are in service to his people, and the laborer is worthy of his hire.  But I always believe you should earn your pay!

In the third seal of Revelation 6:5-6, we see the wealth of the world being captured by the church, by an anti-Christ spirit riding on a black horse.  “A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny;” this was Rome, charging for the hope of life during the dark ages of the church. Money for life!  I believe this black horse is still riding.

“Do you see where that old money taken in church comes from? Get away from that stuff. To build an organization, a big something–a million dollar here and… You see what the mother of it is?”

“…He was charging for that kind of a life that he was giving to his subjects, charging for prayer by the priest to pray people out of purgatory. …Bringing the wealth of the world to him, into hisself, into the church itself, and he’s still riding. Oh, sure he is. Yes, sir, still riding.” – William Branham in, THE THIRD SEAL.

When the church replaces God’s way of tithing and offerings with other things; contemporary programs and secular methods; using them to capture the wealth of the people – could it be the same black horse of Rev 6:5?

Pastor Bill Ivy, LIVNG WORD TABERNACLE, Campbell Missouri (Gibson Community)