The Bulldog or Dove Approach?

Have you ever tried to FORCE a person to change?  I call it the bulldog approach and it really does not persuade people very well.   Bulldogs will just drive people away and keep them away.

Why not start by respecting the other persons idea, letting them know you understand his point of view.   Then proceed to build up your idea gradually.  Letting them know that you are really interested in their welfare, and that you have something better if they can except it.  The Apostle Paul was successful in using  this method; 1 Cor 9:22 “I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.”

A minister that helped millions of people to change during his lifetime of ministry, Reverent William Branham, made the following statement; “The first thing I had to do with that Divine gift, was win the hearts of the people. If I haven’t got their hearts, they wouldn’t listen” – Sermon Jubilee Year, Jeffersonville, IN, USA

Next time you try to change someone proceed from your heart to their heart, by using the dove approach, doves are peace loving birds.

Pastor Bill Ivy –