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The Message and the Messenger

It has been said; “the Message and the messenger is one and the same.”  That is true, it has to be true, but how is it true?  There was a man one time in the Bible, a messenger to David with a message, “King Saul is dead.” This message cost the messenger his life.  During Israel’s Civil War when King David’s son Absalom was killed, a messenger had to bring the message to the King.  This could have cost the messenger his life if he would not have carefully framed what he would say.  The message and the messenger were seen as identical.  Be careful how you bring your message!  The Prophets of the Old Testament were all messengers of God, and were held extremely responsible for their message.

We are all messengers, not just the prophets of the Old Testament.  New Testament Believers carry a message, it will not be received by most, but it must be brought, because we have been sent with it.  What is the message we carry?  The same message the Book of Acts Believers carried before us, and gave their life for; the resurrected Christ!  That has been made real again by the Message that has been given to this final age of the church, a resurrected Christ in the fullness of His Word.  That is what makes the Message and the messenger one, by the authority of the living God in the living church, the Bride!  For the Message and the messenger are the same.  The Word is in the Church, in the person!  Be careful how you bring that Message!

Pastor Bill Ivy

The subject titled “The Message and the Messenger” was preached Wednesday night (1/11/2017) and is archived on LWT website:  www.livingwordtaberancle.com

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6 comments on “The Message and the Messenger
  1. Patrick Madley says:

    That hits the nail on head Amen

  2. Bro.Emmanuel David says:

    God Bless You
    Bro. Bill Ivy

  3. Brother Kevin says:

    Pastor, You said ” The Word is in the Church, in the person!” in your last post . The scripture says John 1 : 1-14 that the Word is G-D . Brother Branham preached thus and G-D vindicated what He preached. So G-D’s Word is in true Holy Ghost filled believers walking in the light and not in a church or organization that denies or rejects G-D’s Holy Word . The Prophet called it right in our day that most would organize around the message He preached and thus die. We visit many message church and there is no life. Why ? Where is G-D our Savior manifesting the word preached now a day’s ? H-SHEM is soon to return, don’t you brethren see it ? Judgment is at the doors. Christianity is Judaism with our Messiah. Just as all the prophets of old and Bro. Branham and the Zech.3 prophet preached. Time to get serious those who truly walk daily with our K-NG of kings , L-RD of lords. L-RD J-SUS CHR-ST ! So Holy is He ,we don’t even have a right to speak His Holy name but by His Blood. Wake up , cry out to Y-H . Pray always ! Lam.3:20-26. Lam.1:10,Rev.18:4

    • Bill Ivy says:

      …for the Message and the messenger are the same. The Word is in the Church, in the person.

  4. Brother Kevin says:

    “the Message and the messenger is one and the same.” ! True so true! What will any of you do when one day you wake up from your Laodicea slumber and you turn on your idol’s to look at your daily fakebook junk and you see a story about Zech.4 and Rev.11 preachers in Israel . Then you’ll know the bride has been taken, Jude 14 ,1 Thes.4:13-18, 1Corn.15:51-58, The Trumpet’s are blasting away with Thus Saith H-SHEM !!!! But I say also 1 Cor.14:8 to all you preachers! Is G-D’s word being preached in your church’s and manifested with ‘ Thus saith H-SHEM ‘? Look up ,let us examine ourselves and get serious. Shabbat Shalom to all who will listen. Bro. Kevin

  5. Brother Kevin says:

    Pastor quotes ” for the Message and the messenger are the same. The Word is in the Church, in the person “. No G-D’s word is Him ! If the word is in the church then which one ? H-SHEM’s word is in all who follow ELSH-DDIA with all our heart ,soul ,mind ,and body ! Matt.23:37-40 , Deut.6:4-9 ! True evidence of those who are filled and led of the Ruach Hakodesh ..Holy Ghost .. Mark 16 ,etc.. Of the many sermons I listen to this week at work , Feast of the Trumpets and Choosing of a Bride stand out! Listen to them intently. Remember brethren the 1933 visions, 1 more to come to pass and very soon at that ! Why never any heart felt responses? I know why ! Wake up ! H-SHEM is very soon to arrive, the resurrection is upon us. Lets pray fervently with our hearts covered in sackcloth and ashes crying Abba Father !!! Lam.3:20-26 ! Is G-D’s manifested word in your church? Where is my brethren ? Modeh Ani ! I Great fully Thank You, living and eternal K-NG that I’m now alive ! Baruch H-SHEM ! Tomorrow a part of 1Cor.15:52 will come to pass. Bo Y-H Bo ! Come L-RD COME ! Lilah Tov to all, Bro. Kevin ” Tzamah le-chah nafshi ka-ma le-cha be-sari, beeretz tzi-yah veayeif be-li ma-yim. Kein ba-kodesh cha-zi-si-chah lir-oir ooz-chah ooche-vodechah. Ashakarecha Psalms 63

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