The Message and the Messenger

It has been said; “the Message and the messenger is one and the same.”  That is true, it has to be true, but how is it true?  There was a man one time in the Bible, a messenger to David with a message, “King Saul is dead.” This message cost the messenger his life.  During Israel’s Civil War when King David’s son Absalom was killed, a messenger had to bring the message to the King.  This could have cost the messenger his life if he would not have carefully framed what he would say.  The message and the messenger were seen as identical.  Be careful how you bring your message!  The Prophets of the Old Testament were all messengers of God, and were held extremely responsible for their message.

We are all messengers, not just the prophets of the Old Testament.  New Testament Believers carry a message, it will not be received by most, but it must be brought, because we have been sent with it.  What is the message we carry?  The same message the Book of Acts Believers carried before us, and gave their life for; the resurrected Christ!  That has been made real again by the Message that has been given to this final age of the church, a resurrected Christ in the fullness of His Word.  That is what makes the Message and the messenger one, by the authority of the living God in the living church, the Bride!  For the Message and the messenger are the same.  The Word is in the Church, in the person!  Be careful how you bring that Message!

Pastor Bill Ivy

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  1. Patrick Madley says:

    That hits the nail on head Amen

  2. Bro.Emmanuel David says:

    God Bless You
    Bro. Bill Ivy