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When was Christ Born?

When was Christ born?  When Christ was born there was political upheaval, children were being put to death by the law of the land, and the nation of Israel had been conquered by the last great Gentile power.  When Christ was born the political world for the Jew had changed dramatically.  Suddenly the Jew was being ordered to enroll in their birth city, and pay taxes to a government that they did not want to serve.  But in spite of all this confusion which was taking place on the earth, Christ was born!  God sometimes will upset the whole world, in order to fulfill His Word!  It will be at a time of trouble, when the world is all upset, that He comes the second time.  Ps 27:5 for in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock.

This Christmas Season, may we be hid away in the Revelation of the Word for the “season” we live, waiting and watching for our change?

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Day!

Pastor Bill Ivy – Gibson MO   Living Word Tabernacle


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One comment on “When was Christ Born?
  1. Bro. Kevin says:

    ” This Christmas Season, may we be hid away in the Revelation of the Word for the “season” we live, waiting and watching for our change ” . Surely all of you true followers of H-Shem know where the 25th holiday was birthed . Don’t you? When the cold season began every year, they believed their sun god was leaving them. It was on December 25th that they noticed the gradual return of the sun god. So they called this day the birth of the sun. Tammuz was hailed as the son of the sun. He was idolized and even worshipped and the first letter of his name became the symbol of sun worship. Human sacrifices to the sun god were offered on this initial letter made of wood, known as the cross “T” and this “T” for Tammuz is also the true origin of Catholics crossing themselves. His birthday of December 25 was honored more and more. Satan worked many years before the conception and birth of the true Messiah to counterfeit through sun worship His miraculous conception and birth. Satan succeeded many times in leading God’s people into sin and pagan sun worship.

    But since the exact date of Christ’s birthday was unknown, it was suggested, “Why not call it the same date as the birth of Tammuz, which was December 25?” This was the time when the sun had reached its lowest point on the horizon and started back up into the heavens and so the sun god had come to life, so to speak. So gradually December 25 came to be known as the birthday of Christ. The Papal Church finally instituted a special mass on that day, “Christ’s Mass,” and so December 25 became “Christmas.” The yule log burning in the fire followed by the green tree lit with candles all came from the pagan worship representing Nimrod being dead, while his spirit still lived on in the sun and was alive again in Tammuz his son. Zechariah 5 has 2 prophecies in it. The curse has gone forth ( Sure love to show some pics from our cameras thru out the years and dreams and visions also that come to pass Pastor) and the second part of chapter 5 is really unique for our day. Read it and pray
    Jerm.10:1-8 , Rev.18:4 , Lam.1:10 . G-D says you shall have no other gods before Him !!! cell phone worship, x-mas trees, anything that’s keeps you from His full word. G-D said don’t set any evil thing before you ! All You my true brethren listen to the message the Prophet preached in Albuquerque, NM ” The World’s falling apart” ! Don’t you all see the day we are in? Our Redeemer is soon to appear! Hope whoever is looking for Y-H’s return will fellowship and gather around G-D’s full word with us here on this side of the river and at your place of worship. Zedikha Tefilah El-keem , Seek El-keem with fervent prayer ! Matthew 11:12, Luke 16:16 , Matthew 4:17. Remember to ,that G-D’s word will never change and His word that He has spoken since the beginning of time thru all His Prophets will not return to Him till all is fulfilled and it will happen ! Shalom Aliechem to all, Bro. Kevin

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