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We are doing a short study on; TODAY’S MUSIC – THE CAUSE AND EFFECT. The “cause” is the reason for something happening, “effect” is what happened. Together they explain why things happen and continues to happen. An example would be, “tripping on the step was the cause, breaking his leg was the effect,” or “satan, quickly getting into music was the cause, helped to pollute the human race was the effect, and continues to do so at a extreme rate of speed.”
The next three or four Wednesday night services we are going to study from history, the message and biblically where we are with music in the church today and what it is producing. Brother Ben Norrod a young preacher and musician spoke on some of these things a few weeks ago while with us. This past Wednesday Brother Ben Pruitt started our new study by teaching on the subject, “The Bride’s Musical Heritage” and Brother Josh Swims will also take a service and give us his prospective, both being from the younger generations point of view. At some point and time I will add my two cents to it all.
I believe that this is a very important subject for study today! It has been said, “What you hear today in the music of the world, you will hear in the church within twenty years.” Sad to say, I have lived long enough to see that, that is true, in fact the effects come much sooner!
There are many pastor’s that believe that much of the music we hear, sing and worship with today is wrong, but those pastor’s are not very popular. To be popular you have to give the people what they want. I thank it’s time we find out what God wants whether it is popular or not! photo_1 (17)

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