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Do I always need someone to lead me in life, will it really help me?  I guess the answer depends on who is leading you.  We will all be led by something or someone.  In the 16th chapter of the book of Numbers it tells the story of Korah, a great prince in Israel.  It happened during Israel’s wilderness journey.  Korah got sideways with his leader, Moses.  He reasoned that Moses was just trying to be a big shot, telling them all what to do, when they all knew just as well, if not better than him (or thought they did).  Korah probably felt that this leadership was to controlling and hindered his ability to be creative and took away his freedom to fully express himself.  Perhaps not realizing it, he was rejecting the very thing that Jehovah placed in his life to create true freedom to express himself the way God had created him.

This was such a dangerous attitude, it also effected Dathan and Abiram, great men in the camp and two hundred fifty princes of Israel.  If you have read your Bible you know the outcome; they all died tragically with their families before the LORD.  The effects of this continued to the whole congregation of Israel, when they saw what happened, they accused Moses of killing God’s people!  Oh my!  Suddenly a plague from the Lord broke out and begin to consume them!  Moses acted quickly to appease God’s wrath.  He ordered Aaron the priest to make a atonement and then to stand between those that had already died and the living. The plaque was stopped!  But at the price of 14,700 that died, plus Korah, Dathan, Abiram and the 250 princes of Israel.

This happened because someone did not want to be led, “I can lead myself, I can do this without any help.”  It is dangerous to refuse the right leadership in our life!  You see, this wasn’t about Moses, but it was about God’s love and protection for his people.  It is God’s way, he places people in our life to help lead us, not blindly, but with a purpose.  A baby is guided by a mother’s hand, a young boy wants to be like his dad, a teacher will teach, a coach will coach, and a pastor will led us to our Redeemer.  Someone will always lead us, influencing what we do, and what we become.  We need this more than ever, especially today, the future is so very unpredictable, roads are not straight anymore!  We need help in navigating the different places life will take us.  This will come from someone that knows more than we do, someone that might have been there before.

The truth is you will always be led, you will be led by your own self or own ambitions.  A sheep can be led by a wolf, rather than the good shepherd, but where does the wolf lead?  We will all chose a leader in life, the right leader will “stand between the dead and the living” leading us ultimately to Jesus Christ.

The rich young ruler of Luke 18:18, he had leader’s early in his life that led him correctly, he knew the commandments well.  However, when he begin to follow his own way, his own ambitions, and then presented with the opportunity to follow Jesus Christ, he went away sad, and eventually lifted up his eyes in hell (Luke 16:23)!  That is what leading yourself will bring you to!  This choice is yours, you are free to chose, the right choice will make you free, free to be truly creative in what the LORD has called you to be and to do!

A sermon preached on this subject Titled; Standing Beween the Dead and the Living, is available for viewing at: http://livingwordtabernacle.com/?page_id=99

Pastor Bill Ivy


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