The brass serpent symbolized healing

Pastor Bill Ivy – TUESDAY – October 6, 2020

It is not by the works of man a person is saved.  The same with Divine healing.  Early in my Christian experience, as a young man I was taught you had to work up something spiritually to give the people power for Divine healing.  And as long as we kept the people worshipping and shouting the praises of God the power would come down to do the work. 

That was a misconception; it is enjoying blessings but does not bring the power of God for healing or even salivation. 


As mortal men, whether a preacher or lay person, we cannot work up the power of God to heal and save.  The power is here already, it was given to the Believer at Calvary 2000 years ago.  We increase our faith by hearing the Word of God and then reverently receive in pray what God has already done for us. 

It is by faith we receive that finished work of Christ.  He cannot do any more for us than what He has already done.  Our actions cannot bring Him down or raise Christ up, “The Word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart.”  It is clear, the Word of faith which is preached can save and if it saves us it can heal us (Romans 10:7-9).


William Branham (1909-1965) received a commission from a angel that started the healing revival in the mid twentieth century, he spoke of the confusion this caused during his many healing services;

“I was asked that question today by a brother, something on that order, that when they go to pray for the sick, a brother will maybe pray for one, then get them all singing or dancing in the Spirit, thinking that brings power amongst the people.  For myself, I believe that’s wrong.”

“I believe that a person coming in the healing meeting will be like coming for salvation, come reverently, believing. Every person in there, not shouting and dancing, but seeing their brother or sister going up there to ask God for mercy, bow your head and start praying, ‘God, help my brother now as pastor prays for him, anoints him. Let the Holy Spirit come upon him and give him faith to believe for his healing. He’s a precious brother. She’s a precious sister.’  Be praying for him instead of just singing, shouting, and dancing.” – GOD BEING MISUNDERSTOOD


Thank the LORD we have been taught that healing is here now, it’s not a work of man but a finished work of Christ.  ONLY believe!