Yesterday (Sunday) was a wonderful day.  A day in which we gather with those of like precious faith.  This is something I have done since I was a little boy and I can say – I have always looked forward to it, even as a young person. 

I thank the LORD for a wonderful congregation to preach to in these DIFFICULT days in which we live – I wish the whole world knew how important it is to assemble regularly with God’s people.  Perhaps that is why the world is trying so hard to stop this very wonderful experience!  Sadly today even some of our own  religious leaders are doing the same, maybe ignorantly by just following the example of others rather than the example of the Word. 

To serve God has never been easy, and always criticized, however it will forever be the passionate desire of God’s true children!

I spoke yesterday morning on “The Manifestation of LOVE Toward it’s Object.”  No matter what spiritual gifts I would possess, how great of a ministry a person has, or even how much good they seem to do – without this LOVE being their motive – it is NOTHING!  Brother Braden Savage spoke Sunday evening on a wonderful subject titled – “What’s Defining You.”

How encouraging it is to be able to worship together according the teachings of God’s Word!

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Posted by Living Word Tabernacle on Sunday, September 20, 2020