Pastor Bill Ivy

What is life all about, what does it hold for us at the end of our journey? We will all have to face it someday. We can look around during these evil days of pandemic, riots and political strife, which make us all feel insecure. We speak to ourselves and say, “what can I do to make myself happier and satisfied in spite of the bad things around me?”

When we have lived long, we all should take a look back and say; “what have I done for others to make life better for someone else.” …Or was it all about me?

Brother William Branham and his friend Doctor Sam Adair was speaking of this very subject, both of them being servants to the public. One with natural healing and the other with spiritual healing.

“I said, ‘The greatest thrill I have is living for others.’
And he said, ‘That’s what life is, makes life real, is not what you can do or accomplish for yourself, but what you can do for others.’
See, that’s when you’re really living. And if there happens to be someone among us who has never did that, tried to live for somebody else, give that a try, and just see how much more life holds for you when you will not live for what you can get yourself out of life but what you can give someone else in life. And you’ll find that it’s more blessed than riches or anything that can be thought of. Is what you can do for someone else to make life’s burdens… Which, life in itself is a burden. And it will make it a little lighter for someone else. You just don’t know the joy unless you’ve tried it once, to do something for someone else.”

Unquote: As I grow older, “LORD, help me to make living for others my heartfelt desire and purpose in life!” Oh the joy to help make someone else’s burden’s lighter in these troublesome times!

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