TRUST in a world of confusion

ENCOURAGING THOUGHTS – Pastor Bill Ivy – FRIDAY, June 26, 2020

TRUST – The three Hebrew children put their TRUST in God to deliver them from the Kings fiery furnace. It was at a time when all the rest of the Jewish people where obeying the king’s command to bow or burn. They refused and TRUSTED in their God to deliver them, but if He did not deliver them, they were still determined not to bow before his image.

They completely TRUSTED in Jehovah for the outcome, good or bad.


When Abraham was told by God to offer his only son Isaac before the LORD he obeyed. Not fully understanding the reason but TRUSTED God for the outcome to be God’s will for him and his son.


The prophet Jonah, when traveling to Tarsus on a ship after being commission to go to Nineveh, was arrested by God by a storm. It would have sunk the ship but the prophet knew it was God’s will to go to Nineveh and regardless of his disobedience he knew God to get him there.

“Throw me over board and the storm will cease.” And there was a special prepared fish waiting to take him to Nineveh.

In spite of his going in the opposite direction, and in spite of the prophet’s moodiness, his TRUST was in God and not the lying vanities that seem to make it impossible for him to fulfill God’s will.


We are living in impossible times by no stretching of anyone’s imagination. In my nearly seventy years I have never seen evil and world confusion as it is now and how it has developed around us so quickly.

If there ever was a time to TRUST God it is now.


Job uttered these famous words in his great time of trouble, when everything was going wrong, “Though he slay me, yet will I TRUST in him.” He was saying; even though I have lost everything, and my health is gone, if God allows me to die I will still TRUST him anyway!

He believed in the resurrection. And God did bless him in the end with more than he lost.

God took care of Abraham when he thought he would lose his son, with a promise to possess the gates of his enemies! God provided a ram to replace Isaac and we remember this as a great act of faith.


Abraham’s works testified that he TRUSTED (James 2:22-23) even in the face of the death of his only son Isaac.

He became the example of what our faith and TRUST should be if we are to call ourselves the children of Abraham.

The Hebrew children were saved in the fire, by the forth Man while standing for truth even though everyone else was bowing.

Jonah the prophet made it to Nineveh by way of the fish god and became one of the greatest witnesses of the resurrection, of which even Jesus Christ spoke about.

What we TRUST becomes our refuge of safety.

Ps 9:9 “The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.”

God still has a place of refuge, safety in which we can flee to and be safe – His name is Jesus Christ! It is in that name I TRUST, the only place I can put my TRUST in these times of confusion and trouble.

Saints of God, everything will be alright – TRUST HIM!