What is it, and what should we do?  Do we really need to even worry about it?  I think so.  Most Message Pastor’s this Sunday preached on it, reading many quotes in regards to the plaques that have been prophesied to come to this nation and the World.  All true and good.  However, I chose not to, for a reason and not just to be different.  I preached on what I felt was the most important thing for our local church as I tried to exalt Christ.


I do want to talk about this pandemic for a few minutes.  I think it is important to walk in the wisdom of the Spirit with understanding.

It is true plagues are promised by God in regards to judgment and have been used for that purpose.  We have always had plagues, such as in the 14 century the Black Death killed upward to seventy to two hundred million people.  We have had the West Nile Virus, SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola Virus and many more.  More recently HIV and AIDS virus and since 2019 a new strain of Coronavirus (CORVID-19). 

Will it destroy the earth?  I think not, however, in regards to the many quotes and prophecy’s concerning plaques that are to come we can draw a strong conclusion along with the scriptures that the real plagues that are promise will come after the Bride of Jesus Christ has been raptured.  If you go to Revelation 8, which is just after the sealing time of Revelation 7, under the trumpets are poured out terrible plaques upon the earth.  It will not touch those that are sealed but only those that go through the tribulation.  The two prophets of Revelation 11, will have power to send plagues upon the earth as they will, this will be done, just as the plagues brought judgment and destroyed Egypt.

If you are sealed, you are in the safest place you can be!


The coronavirus is a common virus that can infect your nose, sinuses and upper throat.  It spreads like a cold or flu and almost everyone gets a coronavirus infection, at least one in a lifetime, usually as a child.  A new strain discovered recently is called COVID-19 and has become a pandemic. If you are exposed, typically symptoms show up in about 5 days.  Most people survive, just like with the flu.  The symptoms are fever, dry cough, shortness of breath – which can lead to pneumonia and respiratory distress which puts the elderly and sickly most at risk.  Other symptoms include; a misunderstanding of what it is all about along with many conspiracy theories that abound.  Also, Revelation 18 speaks of those who are called out of Babylon so as not to “receive of her plagues.”  We understand the calling out and Babylon (the Roman church and church denominational systems that are a part of her).


You are not alone as a Christian, Christ promised to be with us even to the end of the world.  Will it stop us from going to church?  We all want to remain healthy and happy, we want to use wisdom but also faith and “faith without works is dead being alone.”  We are different from the world, we look at things differently, knowing already that we live in a world that satan has polluted and to the worse degree at the end time.  But as Christians we see things that are unseen to the natural eye and believe things that have not been fully manifest yet.

It is true even Christian’s struggle with fears, “what about this or what if that happens” – the unknown can affect us terrible.  However, at church we are a family and we interact as a family reminding one another of the promises, especially as we see the Word preached, hear it sung, while being in the atmosphere of each other and the Holy Spirit.

The Apostle Paul gave us inspiration; Heb 10:23 “Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;) 24 And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: 25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” 

We need each other more than ever before. especially the closer it gets to the end of all things according to scripture!

Will we close the doors even temporally?  I think not and I hope not.  As long as the state of Missouri allows us to remain open to the public we will.  The enemy will use any tool he can to isolate us from one another and lose one of the greatest resources we have of worshiping together with those of like precious faith. 

If your fear keeps you from going to church, satan has won.  Which will then lead to greater fear and depression.  Are there dangers in going to church?  Yes, there are dangers every day of our life in some form or another.  In fact, it is said most automobile accidents take place 30 miles from home and yet it does not stop us from traveling many places in a day.


We need to be serious and not joke about it.  Use common sense, just like you would do in regards to the common flu.  When you attend church and feel you are a little more susceptible to these kind of things, try setting in a less crowded area, the deacon’s will help you if necessary.  Wash your hands frequently, if you have pocket sanitizers bring them.  If you do not feel comfortable shaking hands or hugging refrain from it, we all must understand at times like this.

We will have church as usual, if you feel you cannot come that will be up to you.  I would encourage you if at all possible to obey the scriptures in that regard. It is true, some will have to stay at home at times.  The Apostle Paul left Trophimus sick at Miletum, however Jesus prayed Peter’s mother-in-law, sick with a fever, at a home meeting in which after prayer she got up and served the people. 

God has blessed us with technology, which we will use for the work of the LORD.  If you have to miss a service, you can live stream it on our church facebook or at our church website.  They are also archived to re-watch at a later date if you cannot watch it live.  

In Streaming a service, I believe there should be an order to it as much as possible.  This is your church so if you are going to LIVE stream, stream our service and not another.  If you want to stream someone else’s service do that at another time.  Listen as if you were in church, avoiding distraction such as cell phones or going to the refrigerator. 


Get involved in the service AS IF YOU WERE THERE.  if it is on Facebook, send a note, “I’m watching”, “great song,” or just “AMEN!”  It will encourage someone and make you more a part of what is going on.  If your home because you are sick let someone know, call or post a note at the beginning of the service “wish I was there, I have a need in my body, please keep me in prayer.”


Remember, Believers do not run from trials and troubles but embrace them by faith and move forward with a promise.  We are in a world that is infected by sin from the beginning when Adam and Eve first sinned.  We are told we will have tribulation, but please be ready for Christ return and do not be here for the Great tribulation.

If somehow, things go beyond our control, and the powers that are to be, inform us we cannot assemble, a few of us will be here, live streaming the service, so the work of Living Word Tabernacle will continue regardless!