What are we looking at?  What do we see, hear or feel?  Science tells us that we are a triune being, BODY, SPIRIT AND SOUL.  The body is contacted by the sense of see and hear along with other senses.  The spirit of a man is contacted similarly through imaginations, reasoning and so-forth.  However, the soul is effected by faith or doubt and we get there by free-moral agency – choice.

The world performs and entertains people, which is delightful to the flesh of a person, body and spirit.  But God wants the soul, and so does satan!  God by faith and satan by doubt.  It is the soul that will control what comes in or goes out by way of the five senses of the flesh.

A church, and the ministry should always strive to minister to the SOUL of the people, and that which builds faith and not doubt. We do not do that by performing or entertaining the people.  We do that by ministering to their souls!  The music very often in the church today ministers to the flesh of the people and not their soul, exactly the same with preaching if we are not careful.  Too often the whole worship experience is build around the pleasing and exciting of the flesh, rather than the soul!

How careful we must be to make sure our worship is designed by heaven and is a declaration of God’s Word, from the opening prayer, to the songs that are sung, the ministry behind the pulpit and the worshipers in the pews.  Quoting Rev. William Branham (1909-1965); “The soul of a man lives on God’s Word. It strengthens him, the inner man.”

What are we looking for in our worship experience?  Something that speaks to the SOUL or the flesh!  By that we grow in faith or doubt!

Pastor Bill Ivy, Living Word Tabernacle, Gibson Missouri – www.livingwordtabernacle.com