There are all kinds of programs on leadership today. They teach you how to be successful in life, business or even ministry. There are books by great authors and seminars on how to lead and coach others to do the same.

We all have had those that have led us in life. We have benefited from their guidance. Parents, teachers, work associates, Sunday school teachers and pastors. Of course, some have been good and some less than good in the directions they gave, ultimately we become the judge of that as life goes on.


I am reminded of the last sermon Rev. William Branham (1909-1965) preached in his short life time; LEADERSHIP. He used the Rich Young Ruler as an example; he became successful choosing the wrong leadership in life, refusing the leadership of Christ. His end was in hell. Then he used another example of a young man named Moses that chooses the correct leadership, Jesus Christ. His end was eternal life (Heb 11:26).

It was not a sermon directing the Bride of Jesus Christ to follow a certain man, a system of men or holy place while here on earth. Some do, thinking that is the leadership that will make them right with God, to truly be a believer of the “Message” and have Eternal Life. As important as human leaders are, they can only lead you so far, all men will and can fail. Jesus Christ is the leadership that will never fail and will carry one on beyond any other leadership we may have. He only will lead you to Eternal Life!

Speaking about the Rich Young Ruler, Brother Branham said; “Then we find him later till he was a greater success, until he said, ‘I have got so much!’ Boy, he’d a-made a real genuine guy of this day. Wouldn’t he? ‘Even my barns has swelled out, they’re bursting. And I’ve got so much till I said, Oh, soul, take your rest.’”

“But, what he done at the beginning, he rejected the leadership of Jesus Christ. His church, his intelligence, his education, and all, had lead him to a success. All the Jews loved him. He give to them, he helped them, he might have done this, that, or the other. But, you see, he rejected the leadership of Jesus Christ, the Eternal Life. The Bible said, He said, ‘Thou fool, tonight your soul is required.’”

“And now we find him (the next place) in hell; lifting up his eyes and seeing that beggar, that he turned out the street, in the bosoms of Abraham. What a fatal mistake! How that the churches had been all right in the way that they went, but they still hadn’t had Eternal Life.”

Unquote: I see more than ever before, why it was so important for the Holy Spirit to allow this to be the last sermon our Prophet preached! Do you? Eternal life is laid in the balance.  If you are not following JESUS, what or who are you following?  The end is critical.

NOTE: (Of course he served Communion a few days later at Tucson Tabernacle and explained it to the people, before the Lord took him home.)

Pastor Bill Ivy – Living Word Tabernacle, Gibson Missouri – www.livingwordtabernacle.com