One of the greatest ways to have a VICTORIOUS CHURCH is in the Communion service.  Communion is one of the Divine orders that the LORD left His church.  I believe that taking communion is the responsibly of ever Christian and should be received with joy. 

54-1003E  JUBILEE.YEAR_  JEFFERSONVILLE.IN  –    As we would have to hurry right straight to the text now on account of communion service. And that’s our part. Every man now, and woman, boy or girl, that calls on the Name of Jesus, fix your hearts now for preparation for the Lord’s supper. Oh, it’s a wonderful thing. God said, Jesus Christ said, “If you… He that eats My flesh, drinks My Blood, has Everlasting Life, and I’ll raise him up at the last day. And he that eateth not, has no part with Me. And he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eats and drinks damnation to himself.” What a time. Now, let’s prepare for this great glorious event in a few moments. One of the greatest that, I think, we have in the Tabernacle is the communion night.  –  Rev. William Banham

Pastor Bill Ivy – Living Word Tabernacle, Campbell Missouri (Gibson Community) – billivy@livingwordtabernacle.com  www.livingwordtabernacle.com