The Apostle Paul at Athens had to deal with the Epicureans.  This was a sect that believed happiness was obtained through practical means, by pleasure and not truth – pleasures derived from their own fleshly desires.  Which was the reason the existed, to merely gratify the appetites of their senses.  This was the Epicureans philosophy of life.  When Paul came among them he was considered a babbler, one that seemed to be a setter forth of strange gods; because he preached to them that TRUE HAPPINESS was found only in Jesus Christ and the resurrection (Acts 17:16-18).

The Apostle Paul also wrote to that special church at Ephesus (Eph 4:11-12)speaking of the five fold ministry and their purpose to promote spiritual growth and HAPPINESS to the Saints on earth – “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.”  The word edify in this scripture means; not only to build up but to grow in Christian wisdom, holiness and HAPPINESS!  The Ministries responsibility is in part to make us happy.

Wealth nor poverty bring true happiness. And yet you may not have a penny to your name and be the happiest man in the world.  Just thinking on positive things alone does not do it, but to know Christ in the abundance of His poverty that has made us rich in spiritual blessing will bring true happiness!

There are many scriptures that pertain to happiness or being blessed in the Bible.  A person does not have to look very far to find them.  However, I want to give you a few inspirational quotes on “happiness” by the seventh angel, the messenger to the seventh church age (Rev 10:7), Rev. William Branham (1919-1965).

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And if you notice, it’s when you are discouraged that’s when the devil can really pour it on you. That’s when He gets you. If you come to the church and say, “Well, I don’t know. I don’t know whether I’ll ever get any better or not. I’ve been prayed for twice.” Oh, my. You might as well go home; that’s all. But when you can cast that aside… God don’t want you to be frowning. God wants you to be happy. The human heart was made to be happy. – WMB

…you were made to be happy and free. You were made to live like children before your Father, and know that He makes every day, everything work right for you each day. – WMB


Find Christ and you got happiness. – WMB

Happiness does not consist of how much the world’s goods you own, but how contented you are with the portion that’s allotted to you. – WMB

You got to have faith, but you’ve got to know how to use that faith to make yourself well, to get happiness out of life. If you’re born again, everything you got need of is right in you when you’re born again, because the Holy Spirit comes there, and that’s all you have need of. It’s the Holy Spirit; It produces the rest. – WMB

I’m glad that I woke up about twenty-five years ago to the fact that happiness does not consist of the things of this world. It consists of the eternal things, what makes us happy in our soul. – WMB

There is no happiness or contentment outside of Jesus Christ. I’ve seen them so rich till they had bodyguards with them. And I’ve seen them so poor till they begged for a drink of whiskey. And from the one to the other there’s no satisfaction in sin. – WMB

A PRAYER FOR SOME THAT EXCEPTED CHRIST: Give unto them Eternal Life. Give health to them, happiness, and joy. May they find a church home somewhere close to where they are living, and there, be a faithful member of the Body of Christ until You call them home. – WMB

Do believe the good, old-time, heartfelt salvation brings tears of joy and happiness, and peace that passes all understanding. – WMB

SIMPLE PREACHING BRINGS YOU INTO THE PRESENCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT THAT WILL GIVE YOU HAPPINESS: Now, if you’re seeking the Holy Spirit, this is the time to start. Don’t let it go over top of your head, come right down. It’s simple, little simple preaching like that; you know what it means. Come on now. This is the place, the foundation, the way, the truth, the light, the only achievement, the only happiness. You’ve never knowed happiness till you get this. – WMB

“So what makes you so happy?” I got a right to be. “How do you know?” Because I’m an heir to it. Amen! Whew! Now I feel religious. Yes. I’m an heir to the happiness. I’m an heir to joy. I’m an heir to peace. I’m an heir to Eternal Life. I’m an heir to the Holy Spirit. – WMB

…I believe that happiness goes with Christians. I’ve never been sad that I was a Christian. I’m always happy I’m a Christian. And, oh, joybells has ring in my heart now for some thirty-five years since Jesus Christ came into my heart. I’ve never been able to express it. It’s joy unspeakable and full of glory. – WMB

You Christians, look to Him for your joy, look to Him for your strength, look for Him for your happiness. He is my peace. He is my joy. He is my love. He is my Life. That’s a Covenant, the Token upon the door! – WMB


I wish you could feel that glorious feeling here. Not only is the Angel of the Lord here tonight, but the Holy Spirit’s here. For the Angel of Lord, it seems to me is kind of settle. But the Holy Spirit makes the people rejoice and happy (You see?), and that’s what does it. Oh, how wonderful. – WMB



Are you believing out there? Don’t move too much. See? It interrupts when a vision’s going on here, and you do something out there, move a little (See?), well then that’s interrupts here. You see? It makes it hard here. See, His Spirit is moving, and I want you to rejoice. I want you to be glad, happy. But first, I want you to receive God, believe Him. And then after you’re healed, then be happy. See what I mean? – WMB

HEART PROBLEMS – Let me tell you something else. I see something happen. The man I see him fall or fall backwards. He’s just had a heart attack, and that heart attack come when it was hot weather. It’s been about one, two, three, four or five, six or seven, through the winter, eight, nine. It was about last August, about… It was hot weather. You had a heart attack about nine months ago, something like that, and you’re scared to death now that it’s going to come back again, and ’cause you got a nervous heart, and brother, don’t you believe that. That’ll bring it on you. Refuse to believe that lie of the devil. When a man has a heart attack, he’s stronger than he was at the first place. You believe with all your heart? Then go rejoicing, and praising God, and be over your trouble. Now, go and be happy and rejoice. Let’s say, “Thanks be to God.” – WMB

SORROW: Hanging over that lady setting there in black, looking at me. You’re suffering with a nervous condition, isn’t it? ‘Cause you to have a stomach trouble. Your food sours in your stomach and things. Say, you’ve had lot of trouble too, some sorrow. You just lost a loved one. I believe it’s a husband or something that’s been killed or something. And that’s what is making you nervous. That’s true. But your stomach trouble has left you, sister. You’re healed now. Your faith has saved you. Now, go on your road now and rejoice. – WMB

SADNESS: Merciful God, as I stand before this dear woman, and knowing that there is a sad spirit around her. I ask for Thy Divine mercy, and guidance, laying my hands upon her, I charge that sad spirit to leave the woman. Christ lives. Christ cannot no more take a Word back that He said than nothing, because He’s God, and He knows everything before He says it. And I condemn the spirit that would harm this woman. In Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen.

INSULIN: Insulin is a good thing for diabetes, but a transfusion from Calvary’s better. You believe God will give you that transfusion tonight? All right. Go on your road, and rejoice, and be happy, and bless the Lord. – WMB

CANCER: Another shadowed to death with cancer. Do you believe God will heal the cancer? Then go, and rejoice, and be happy. – WMB

CANCER – I condemn the devil that’s taking the life of this woman. On the basis of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I now challenge Satan, and tell him that he is a defeated being, that Jesus Christ defeated him at Calvary. And as God’s servant, under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, that the commission given me by an Angel, I condemn this devil for this woman’s life. Let her live, O Lord. Amen. Return home, rejoice, and be happy, thanking the Lord. Don’t doubt now. Don’t have a doubt in your mind. – WMB

OPPRESSED – Here, this man setting right here with his head down praying, suffering with oppression. Do you believe that God will heal you and take that oppression away from you? If you do, raise up your hand. All right. You had more faith then you thought you had, haven’t you? Now, the devil’s been lying to you, and you know that. But he’s left you now. Go on and be happy, and sing, and rejoice. – WMB