What is a standard, what does it mean to us?  Is it a set of rules, which can be classed as legalism and create a judgmental spirit toward those who do not meet our standard?

In this Laodicea Church Age (Rev 3:14), when everyone has a right and no one should say otherwise, do we even need a standard? I think so! It cannot be legislated (given by a law or rule book), but possessed and visibly seen by others to either condemn or encourage them.

A standard displayed by the Believer is evidence the Token (the Holy Spirit) is present, a sign showing that he or she is doing and living righteously before God and man. That will be the literal life of Jesus Christ living out though the Believer, a standard without a law!

We look for standards in many places and from people we want to be like.  However, our standard we live by should be found in the heart.  A heart that is completely surrendered to the will of God!

The following sermon was preached at Living Word Tabernacle, Gibson Missouri – 2017 – By Pastor Bill Ivy titled; “LIVING WITH A STANDARD”