A VICTORIOUS CHURCH (How to have a victorious church)

A congregation should prepare for service the day before.  Begin to plan, with your family, Tuesday for Wednesday night, Saturday for Sunday.  We all know in advance the day and time of our services and as a Christian we want to be there when the doors open.  Try to plan your Wednesday activities as not to hinder your ability to attend church – yard work, traveling out of town to the mall, etc.  There is always another day for those less import activities.  This can be difficult if you’re the bread winner and you work hard at your employment on Wednesday.  However you can have strength thinking about the fact that you will receive spiritual strength at church, a strength that will give you courage for the rest of the week.


A Christian family wants to assemble with God’s people as the scriptures tell us; Heb 10:25 “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together…”  When you are in church you will receive blessings and give blessings to the LORD and others worshiping with you. 


In order to be a blessing in anything you must prepare ahead of time. If you have children, put their cloths out the day before, and the same for Mom and Dad.  Check the gas in the car and anything else that has been a hindrance in getting to church on time in the past.  You should not have to speed to church!


“Resist the devil” by being ready for church the day before “and he (the devil) will flee from you” and you will find being prepared early will help everyone to receive more from being there.  By doing this one simple thing, you and your family will be so much MORE blessed and you will be a greater blessing to those around you.  Why not help your church to be victorious in the next service you attend!


I like what Bro. William Branham (1909-1965) said; “Now, the fellow said, ‘I can be a Christian and stay home just as well.’ No, you can’t. No. You’ve got to meet together with the rest of the Body. He has blessed us together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.”

Pastor Bill Ivy – www.livingwordtabernacle.com