I want to thank everyone for their prayers during my recent heart surgery (6 coronary artery by-pass).  It has been a little over three weeks since the surgery and the healing process has been very positive.  There is such wonderful strength in having a strong church family that stands with us and our natural family during times like this.  THANKS FOR YOUR KINDNESS AND PRAYERS!  I am looking forward to a complete recovery and soon to return to my post of duty.


Tomorrow (Sunday) is Mothers Day – Oh, how special mothers are –  much to special to have one day a year.  Why not let them be special everyday of the year and every day of our life!  MOTHER means so much; Mother, gave us life through the natural process of natural birth.  She was our earliest teacher.  A Christian mother is the fifth Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Mother), she taught us the Bible first.  A real mother is to be cherished everyday! 

I hope you are in church with her on Mother’s Day?  If your mother has gone on to heaven, I pray that you have made plans to be in that FUTURE HOME with her – where everything must be perfect for mother.

Pastor Bill Ivy –