Divine Healing Today (A Childs Faith)


Divine healing is still part of God’s plan today.  We see it in our church; we see it happen in various forms in our lives from time to time.  However, as I have grown older, I do not hear about it as much as when I was much younger.  Why?  We all know God is a healer, and that He remains the same, the BIBLE is clear!  God does not change, but people do, churches do, people’s attitude and thinking does change. 


What changes us?  I believe the times we live in, and the conditions around us in which we live have such an effect, some positive and others negative.  We are more self sufficient today.  In other words, we have prospered, we have the ability to go to good Doctors, medicines have been invented to help us and look at the modern hospitals we have available to us.  Those things are a blessing to us all, thank the Lord for them.  With all this we do not seek Divine healing as we once did.  And still God remains the only healer!


As we grow older we lose something we should have kept.  A simple faith, a belief in the promise of God, that He is still the Divine healer.  Sometimes we all just fail to ask in a sincere way, as a child would ask.

I want to share this example of simple child like faith.  I was asked to attend a father’s donut breakfast with a young preschooler from our church.  Her daddy was working and unable to attend.  I introduced myself to the teacher as the little girl’s pastor.  She related an interesting story – “the other day, one of the little girls in our class fell outside and scratched up her leg.  We brought her inside and to bandage her up.  And little Ava (the little girl from our church) came over and ask to pray for the injured little girl.” 

The little child impressed this educated teacher, with her simple faith for Divine healing!  LORD help me to have that kind of faith.  Jesus said; “…have ye never read, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise?”


The following is a story of a young child faith, a crippled Finnish war orphan.  She had respect for Brother Branham’s, Divine healing ministry before she even got in his prayer line. 

“Then they started taking me out of the line; I said, ‘Let me have just a few more.’ And by God’s providence, that child was the next one to come up on the platform. And when she come, I said to the Mrs. Isaacson, the interpreter, ‘Now, you just say what I say.’ And I said, ‘Sweetheart, God rewarded your faith out there. He healed you out there. You go back over here and have them take the braces off of you. Come back and show us.’

And I begin to pray for another one. In a few minutes, when the man got the braces off of her, and the big shoe and all of these braces, here she come across the platform running just as hard as she could, the braces up over her head, just rejoicing. Why? Did I heal her? No, sir. What healed her? Her reverence and reproach to the Word of God that was just exactly. See? If I’d have been the biggest hypocrite in the world, God would’ve honored that child’s faith anyhow. But she’s seen so many things done, the poor little thing, till believed if she could get that close to you it would be done.”

Pastor Bill Ivy – Living Word Tabernacle – Gibson Missouri