Josh 24:15 …but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.  We use this scripture proudly in our homes.  We hang in on our walls, post it on the refrigerator and even quote it at times.  Joshua was bringing the people to their possessions, the land of promise.  It was after being slaves for over 400 years, and wondering without a home for 40 years in the wilderness. 

It was now they had their own homes and properties.  A place to live, raise their families, plant their crops, a place that was to be their possession forever.  Joshua was telling them, as you live with your family, do not live as the Egyptians lived, or be influenced by the nations around us in this Land that now belongs to you.  Whether you do or do not heed the warning I have given you today; but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

The family is under attack today by satan!  This attack is stronger than I have ever seen in my life!  If it continues, I wonder, even in the very near future will there be any families at all.  Everyone is influenced, they want to be like the world around us, but the Christian family is called to be different. 

We have a land, a real place as a family of God that we must possess!  It is so important that we return to the beginning, and back to the one book that can guide us with our families – the Bible!


Then also, we have a home life crisis. It seems like the home life is running out into shallow water. It used to be in a home, that father, the head of the house, would set down of a morning, and he would speak with his family, and they would all take out the old family Bible, and read just a little bit, and–and all gather around the table, and have prayer. You don’t see that no more. And when the day was done and Ma had the dishes washed, they’d all gather in, and read some more of the Bible, and pray before going to bed.

Juvenile delinquency certainly was a–a hard thing to find in them days. The boys all went to the fields to work, and the girls helped mom with the washing down at the creek. But today, we just push a little button and the dishes are all done, and Ma’s in the car and gone to the card party, or out; she’s ratting around over the streets and… And the–the work’s done by a tractor. And we just don’t have nothing but just a bunch of lazy, idle people. And home life is so neglected, till the Bible is laid back, till they’d have to hunt for a hour to find One in many homes in America. – William Branham (1908-1965)

Pastor Bill Ivy