In my morning Bible reading (Acts 22) – what dedication and ZEAL I saw!  There are but few that have it for what they believe, if they do, it tends to either be fanatical or intellectual, without a real true dedication one would die for. 

I was amazed at the Apostle Paul’s testimony; after he “as Saul” imprisoned and beat in every synagogue those that believed in Christ.  And when the blood of the martyr Stephen was shed, gave his consent unto his death.  But, now as “Paul” he did not fear to testify of the heavenly vision that changed his life forever.  He was willing to not only suffer, but to die for the Christ he once hated!

After being beat and persecuted in almost every Gentile city, by the religious Jews, where he preached the Gospel of Christ, went to Jerusalem with the same Gospel.  He knew the same awaited him there and possibly death.  He went anyway!  Even told prophetically, and by a vision while in the temple that he would be rejected and to leave quickly.  Yet, Paul stayed, not disobeying God’s command and warnings, but knowing the true will of God. 

The true will of God was for him to testify of Christ in Jerusalem to those who were once his associates in the Jewish religion, men at the very highest level of leadership! Also to go to Rome for the same reason, regardless the personal cost to him!


What zeal, what courage, what faith in the message and the Christ he loved.  It was a zeal not for his own ambitions, his own ministry, his own church, but the church which Jesus Christ purchased with His own blood (Acts 20:28)!  Not only was Paul willing to preach that Gospel but willing to pay the price for preaching it, even if it meant his own death. 

I say; there is a price to pay to really and truly follow the same message today!

Help me LORD to imitate (1 Cor 4:16) the same kind of faith for You, with a sincere undivided heart!

Pastor Bill Ivy – www.livingwordtabernacle.com

QUOTE FROM William Branham (1909-1965)

“Create in us, Lord, a desire, a zeal, Lord, a zeal to evangelize, and to preach, and to testify, and to do something to keep going day and night, for it’s later than we think.”