Science realizes the importance of faith.  They know a patient that has faith in their doctor has a far better chance of getting well, than one that does not.  What about the Christians faith in the Great Physician, the LORD Jesus? 

Marks gospel (Mark 1; 15-20) – Christ speaks to his disciples, after His resurrection, and commissions them to preach the gospel.  This preaching included the healing of the body to them that hear and believe!

Twelve years later in Acts 14; 9, we see a crippled man that had never walked in his life, hearing Paul preach, believed what he heard.  Paul perceived he had faith to be healed and without a vision, just a promise from Christ’s Words, Paul responded to the man’s faith and spoke to him in a loud voice; “stand upright on your feet.”  This same crippled man obeyed the command and begins to leap and walk!


Can we believe what we know is God’s Word spoken to us personally?  Then after believing, can we by faith begin to act upon it.  The results will have to follow your faith and the action you have toward the Word spoken!

As William Branham (1908-1965) said; “So if we are bid to earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints, that faith should not come out of a creed book; but it should come out of God’s Bible. For faith cannot rest upon the shifting sands of man’s theology. But it can only rest upon the eternal Rock of God’s unchangeable Word. That’s the only place that faith can sufficiently rest. No matter how much something else, how real it looks how godly it looks; it must come from the Word of the living God. ‘Cause faith only comes by hearing and hearing of the Word.” – Faith Once Delivered to the Saints

Why not start today, really hearing the Word of God, and then by faith putting it into action!

Pastor Bill Ivy