West Africa is a place that seems so far away, too far to ever possibly go.  However, once you arrive you feel very much at home with the Believers of that Country.  As a white man among this different race of people I soon forget that I am different than those around me.  In my mind, I am one of them, which is true by the grace of God.  God’s people are the same in every culture!  As the song writer said; “One of Them, One of Them,” just a long way from home.

Life is very different from the life we live in the USA – there is no way to explain it!   You have to live and see the difference while with the people.  The difference is not just the African continent.  It is a difference among the people, the people make it what it is, the people you are around.

Even though life is so different, it is still life, a life the people live every day, which does not seem to change.  It is just as much life as my life is here.  I seen a life which served me constantly, a life that made me feel comfortable and honored, a life that enjoys very simple things in very simple ways, a virtue that we Americans have lost.

When I am in Africa, I soon begin to realize, we are the heathens in the USA!

May God bless His Bride in West Africa, truly He has one that is doing their best to walk in step with His Word.

Truly Bro. William Branham saw those from West Africa in the vision he saw of the Bride; “Then I heard something like Onward Christian Soldiers. I looked, and here come that sainted bunch of little girls just exactly the way they was, all correctly dressed, their hair hanging way down on their back. Smooth, clean, marching like this, to the step of the Gospel. She was the Word. They looked like one out of every nation. I was looking at it as they passed by, and seen them pass by. Instead of going down, they started going up.”

Pastor Bill Ivy – Living Word Tabernacle – Campbell Missouri (Gibson Community) billivy@livingwordtabernacle.com  www.livingwordtabernacle.com