“Music doesn’t matter as long as the words are good!” Have you ever heard someone say that? In a article written by Kelefa Sanneh, from The New Yorker, titled; “The Unlikely Endurance of Christian Rock.”  In this he extols the migrating of Christian rock into the present day church.  He believes it has helped bring a greater unity in the church.  It has encouraged the younger generation and has helped to build the church.  He contributes the beginning of this musical genre to the father of Christian Rock, Larry Norman.  Christian rock historian John J. Thompson wrote, “It is certainly no overstatement to say that Larry Norman is to Christian music what John Lennon is to rock & roll or Bob Dylan is to folk music.”


Christian Rock evolved negatively in the church to begin with, because OF THE TYPE OF MUSIC, the beat, and the Rock-N-Roll sound.  As the taste of it begin to filter into the church, the music industry started producing a softer rock sound, knowing that the music was still Rock-n-Roll.  They then promoted the idea that the music does not matter, Rock-in-Roll, Hip hop, Rap or whatever the genre.  As long as the words are Christian, from the Bible, and inspirational, because music is not immoral, the words are moral or immoral.  Make since don’t it?  Or does it?

With the softer rock sound the Christian music companies, such as Maranatha, begin to replace the church hymnals with “Praise and Worship” which was simple rock with Christian words.  It was not long until the church fully embraced this kind of music in their services.  It was soon found to be good for the church and especially for the younger generation.  Eddie DeGarmo a Christian rocker put it this way;  “We always tried hard to come up with at title and a song that could end up being the theme to a summer youth camp and plastered on t-shirts everywhere.  Pastor Rick Warren of the famous megachurch (Saddleback) declared, “it is the words that make a song sacred.”  With these and other influences it gave Christian rockers the freedom to make whatever noise they wanted, soft or hard, as long as the words were sufficiently joyful!  As Sanney explained in his article, Christian rock has been generously subsidized, not just by the church, but by parents, willing to buy whatever concert tickets might inspire their children to keep faith.  Sanney was right when he wrote, “the Unlikely Endurance of Christian Rock,” he concluded by saying; “Depending on your perspective, this could mean that Christian rock has triumphed or that it has gone soft.  Either way, the Genre endures…”

So, then, does the music not matter as long as the words inspire?  Is that what we now believe, or have we been made to believe this lie?


William Branham (1909-1965) looking ahead with his eagle eye, from a prophetic point of view, he could see where Rock-n-Roll was taking the church.  Did music matter to him, even if the words were good?  In his sermon; “The Way of a True Prophet of God” he let us know a true prophet would cry out against it!   “Look at the radio program. Oh, my! Turned Rock Of Ages into a twist. Old Rugged Cross into swing, rock-and-roll by it. The Old Rugged Cross, yeah, sure, on our radios, television. …Everything just as immoral as they can get, that’s what we love.” – WMB

“That is what we love,” is that why so many enjoy it?  Is it because that is all we hear?  And then it becomes very quickly all we want to hear!

Pastor Bill Ivy – Living Word Tabernacle, Campbell Missouri (Gibson Community)  – email,